Liz Marie Galvan Bigelow Weight Loss: Her Journey and Tips for Success

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Liz Marie Galvan Bigelow, a popular blogger, author, and home decor enthusiast, has recently shared her incredible weight loss journey on social media. Liz, who is known for her love of all things vintage and farmhouse style, has inspired many with her transformation and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Liz’s weight loss journey, including her tips for success.

Background and Motivation for Weight Loss

liz marie galvan weight loss
liz marie galvan weight loss

Liz Marie Galvan Bigelow has always been open about her struggles with weight and body image. In her blog posts and Instagram captions, she has talked about feeling insecure and self-conscious about her body. Liz had tried various diets and exercise plans over the years, but nothing seemed to stick.

However, in 2019, Liz’s motivation for weight loss changed. She and her husband, Jose, were trying to conceive a child, but Liz’s weight was impacting her fertility. This realization was a turning point for Liz, and she committed to making lasting changes to her lifestyle.

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Diet and Exercise Changes

Liz knew that in order to lose weight and improve her fertility, she needed to make significant changes to her diet and exercise routine. She began by cutting out processed foods and focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods. Liz also started tracking her calories using the MyFitnessPal app to ensure that she was consuming the appropriate amount of food for her goals.

In addition to making dietary changes, Liz also started incorporating exercise into her routine. She began by taking daily walks and eventually joined a gym, where she started weight lifting and doing cardio. Liz found that exercise not only helped her lose weight but also improved her mental health and overall well-being.

Tips for Success By Liz Marie

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Liz’s weight loss journey was not without its challenges, but she found that a few key strategies helped her stay on track and reach her goals. Here are some of Liz’s tips for success:

  • Find Your Motivation: For Liz, her motivation was improving her fertility, but everyone’s motivation is different. Whether it’s improving your health, feeling more confident in your body, or simply wanting to be a better version of yourself, find what drives you and use it to stay focused.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Liz knew that losing weight was not going to happen overnight. She set small, achievable goals for herself, such as losing a pound a week, and celebrated each milestone along the way.
  • Make Sustainable Changes: Liz realized that quick fixes and fad diets were not going to work in the long term. Instead, she focused on making sustainable changes to her diet and exercise routine that she could maintain for the rest of her life.

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  • Hold Yourself Accountable: Liz found that tracking her food intake and exercise helped her stay accountable to herself. She also shared her journey on social media, which not only helped keep her accountable but also inspired others to make positive changes in their own lives.
  • Surround Yourself with Support: Liz had a supportive partner in her husband, Jose, who also made lifestyle changes alongside her. She also found support through online communities and friends who were on a similar journey.

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How Liz Overcame Obstacles?

Liz’s weight loss journey was not without its obstacles. She faced setbacks, plateaus, and moments of self-doubt. However, she persevered and found ways to overcome these challenges. This section can explore some of the obstacles Liz faced and how she overcame them, providing readers with inspiration and strategies for overcoming their own obstacles.

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The Importance of Mental Health during her weight loss journey

 Liz has spoken openly about the impact her weight had on her mental health. She struggled with anxiety and depression and found that losing weight helped her feel more confident and positive about herself. This section can explore the link between weight loss and mental health, providing readers with tips for improving their mental health as they work towards their weight loss goals.

How Liz found Joy in the Journey ?

Liz found that focusing on the process of losing weight, rather than the end result, helped her stay motivated and positive. She found joy in trying new healthy recipes, discovering new exercises, and celebrating small wins along the way. This section can explore the importance of finding joy in the journey, rather than solely focusing on the end goal.

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Embracing Self-Care

As Liz focused on improving her health and well-being, she also embraced self-care practices. She started taking regular bubble baths, practicing yoga, and indulging in small treats like dark chocolate. This section can explore the importance of self-care in a weight loss journey and provide readers with tips for incorporating self-care practices into their own routines.

How she maintains weight Loss?

Liz has been able to maintain her weight loss for over a year now, which is a testament to the sustainable changes she made to her lifestyle. This section can explore strategies for maintaining weight loss, such as setting new goals, finding new forms of exercise, and continuing to prioritize healthy eating habits. It can also address the challenges that come with maintaining weight loss and provide readers with tips for staying motivated and committed.


Liz Marie Galvan Bigelow’s weight loss journey is an inspiring example of the power of dedication and hard work. By making sustainable changes to her diet and exercise routine and staying motivated, Liz was able to transform her body and improve her overall health and well-being. If you’re on a weight loss journey of your own, take inspiration from Liz’s story and use her tips for success to reach your goals.

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